About VA Tour Norway

Norway has a new Water & Waste fair

In March 2018 the leading Norwegian suppliers within water and waste went on tour throughout the country for the first time to make it convenient for their clients to come and meet them. Water and waste products are often large and heavy, and rarely fit in the local mini fairs, but at VA Tour Norway visitors get an opportunity to see some of the heavier materials. Visitors also have the chance to experience the latest research, listen to interesting and knowledge enhancing seminars and network with industry colleagues.

VA Tour Norway is organized by VA og VVS produsentene (VVP), the Norwegian trade association for suppliers to the water, waste and plumbing industries, and the exhibition organizer BraMässor.

The next edition of VA Tour Norway will take place in Tromsø on April 24 and in Bodø on April 26, 2019.